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2019 ChunCheonMarathon
Running into legend of fall with magnificent view of Chuncheon

Start time 09:00 a.m. October 27 (Sun) 2019
Start place Gongjicheon Bridge at the Chuncheon city
Participation FullCourse(42.195km) : Chuncheon International Certified Course(Uiamho Lake circulation), HalfCourse(21.0975km)
Assembly place Artificiality stadium in Gongjicheon at the Chuncheon city




Group Assignment for Half Course

The half course of the Chuncheon Marathon is divided into groups A and B.

The first group A has been assigned in the order of the records for the last two years as of race day (2019.10.27.)

Please submit the copy of certification via a fax or an email.

Only during the registration period, you will receive the copy of certification. As soon as the entry is closed, you will close the assignment of groups A and B.


Group A assignment criteria are as follows:




Full Course

Within 3 hours

Within 3 hours 20 minutes

Half Course

Within 1 hour 30 minutes

Within 1 hour 50 minutes

New Course in the 2019 Chuncheon Marathon - Half Course

The 2019 Chuncheon Marathon open Half course to satisfy the runners' opinions on the addition of the half course,


Half Course

- Registration : 3,000 people by order of registration (complete payment)

- Entry fee : 50,000 Korean won / USD 50

(A remittance charge is the participants responsibility)


For the Half course, every participants must be at least 18 years old on race day.

(You cannot participate in the half course if you are under 18 years old, even if the parent agrees.)


(Participants who are 1) KAAF(the Korea Association of Athletics Federations) registered athletes, or 2) formerly KAAF registered athletes in which 2 years haven't past after expiration of athlete registration, are not eligible to participate in the Masters division

- Base dates are 1) the day of the marathon and 2) expiration date of athlete registration )

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Therefore, we recommend using the chrome browser.

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No record will be given in the following cases

- Starting at a former group than yours

- Running without official bib and timing chip

- Switching race categories arbitrarily

- Altering or duplicating the official bib

- Joining the race with another persons bib

- Participating with more than one timing chip

- Breaking away from the course without stepping on the sensor mats of the start line, finish line, way points and turning point

- Using other means of transportation to reach the finish line.

- Receiving help from others

- Any other deed considered as disqualification by the organizing committee.

How to Search Personal Record

If you want to find your records in the Chuncheon Marathon, enter the name and date of birth on the website [ȸ – ].

Graphs are only available for full course records.

However records prior to 1997 are not provided.

2019 Chuncheon Souvenir

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